Arena Rules

1. Only current club members in good standing may use the riding facilities.

2. Horses must be under control at all times and must not pose a threat to others.

3. Horse and rider have priority use of the arena.

4. Horses many be turned loose in the arena if there are no riders present and if the owner or responsible person remains in close proximity. Loose horses in the arena must be removed as soon as a rider wants to use the arena. If there are horses loose in the arena, do not enter to ride until the owner or responsible person has had a chance to remove them.

5. Stop and look before opening gate and entering the arena. Riders should not stop on rail. If you need to adjust or change equipment, do so outside the arena or in the center of the arena.

6. Riders entering the arena must have respect for the activity taking place and must ride in the established flow of traffic. Along the rail, riders passing other horses should do so on the outside (toward the rail). The rail of the arena will be used for faster work. Faster moving horses shall pass on the outside (toward the rail) of the arena.

7. Riders wishing to change direction on the perimeter must verbally request the change by stating, “Reverse, please.”

8. Consent of other riders in the arena must be obtained before equipment may be set up and used. Equipment must be put away properly after use.

9. There shall be no observers or instructors on the arena floor except according to the club’s clinic rules. Coaching may be done from outside the arena if it does not interfere with other riders. Private instruction may not be done by a professional other than at a approved club clinic.

10. Boots or shoes with heels of at least 5/8” must be worn while riding under saddle. Soles should be smooth and slip from the stirrup easily for safety reasons. Shirts are to be worn at all times.

11. Feeding horses in the arena barn is not allowed.

12. Owner or responsible person shall clean up after horses in the tie-up area in the arena. If you are hauling in, you must clean up around your trailer as well as the arena tie areas. There is a wheelbarrow and pitchfork just inside the arena entrance for this purpose.

13. Sitting, standing, hanging, or placing blankets, jackets, tack or equipment, etc. on the arena panels is not allowed. Tying horses to the arena panels is only allowed during specific events (such as Cow Practice).

14. Children under the age of 13 must be with an adult, age 18 or older, at all times. Children should be kept right beside you in the arena building and may not climb on gates, arena fencing, or on the bleachers. Please do not allow your children to run or move quickly in the arena building or to be a distraction to the horses using the arena.

15. Approved and properly fitted helmets must be worn while jumping on the premises. The chin straps must be fastened and fit the rider’s head. Helmets are also highly recommended for gaming events.

16. Lunging or ponying is allowed when there are five or less horses in the arena. If there are five or more riders in the arena, the horse must be tacked up and on a half lunge line for 10 minutes only – this applies ONLY if the horse is to be ridden afterwards. If there are no riders in the arena, three horses may be lunged. If there are four or less riders in the arena, two horses may be lunged. There is an all-weather round pen behind the arena building when the arena is too crowded to lunge.

17. The arenas and round pens are closed for all horse activity during the Membership Meeting on the second Monday of every month.