Boarder Rules 


Boarders are solely responsible for the care and feeding of the horse(s) which he/she boards in the stall(s) rented. The boarder shall 

  1.  Clean, AT LEAST, every other day, and maintain stall(s)

  2.  Provide all feed, including hay and grain

  3.  Feed and water twice daily AND provide with REGULAR exercise

  4.  Provide with all necessary veterinary care, including vaccinations 

  5.  Keep the horse in good health. 

The Board of Directors or the Club’s Barn Manager may enter the stall at any time to assess the horse’s welfare or the condition of the stall. The Salem Saddle Club reserves the right to intercede and potentially ask that the horse be removed from the premises if the horse is being abused, neglected, or has a communicable disease. As stated in the stall lease agreement, if the boarder fails to be responsible for his or her horse(s), the board may terminate the boarding lease.


Aisles are to remain clear at all times except when in direct use. NO chairs, benches, tables, cleaning implements, or wheelbarrows are to be kept in the aisles. Aisles in front of the stalls are to be swept daily. Do not sweep debris out aisle door. Either sweep into your own stall or into a dustpan. Empty garbage cans as needed. If you need to put something large in the garbage can, consider putting it in the dumpster at the front of Barn #2. To keep stalls and aisle ways dry, make sure that you turn the water faucet and the hose nozzle valves off after each use. Riding or sitting on your horse is not permitted in the barn aisles. Needles should be disposed of in the designated boxes supplied in the stairways of Aisle #1 in both Barns #1 and #2.


Please park in the middle row in between the two barns or on the side of Barn #2. Cars should be 20 feet from the buildings. DO NOT let your horse trot on any graveled surface on the property. For trailer loading and unloading, you may park your trailer outside your aisle to do so. Move your trailer as soon as you are done. Please be sure to clean up any hay, manure or shavings left from your trailer.


The monthly boarding rate is currently $100 per month. This may increase if the cost of shavings rises or if the member does not participate in the required work parties/volunteer hour or if the member does not regularly attend mandatory boarders' meetings. Boarders must do ten hours of volunteer service each year or pay $15 per hour for any hours that are not completed.  This comes due in June.  If the hours are not completed and/or the uncompleted hours not paid, the boarder will need to remove their horse from the premises before July 1st.  Stall board is due by the 10th of the month or a late fee of $20.00 will be assessed per stall. Please place your check in an envelope stating your Barn # and Stall Number. If you need to pay in cash, please give to a board member and ask for a receipt.


Children under the age of 13 must be in the company of an adult AT ALL TIMES while on the premises. A supervising adult must be 18 years or older. Helmets are recommended for children but not required. Children should only lead one horse at a time even with adult supervision. Riding double is discouraged for safety

reasons. Supervising adults should make sure the children are safe and not causing distractions for boarders or horses. Children should not climb on railings, gates, or on the bleachers in the arena.


The lofts are to be used for grain and hay storage. They must be kept clean and clear of any potential fire hazards AT ALL TIMES. Hay and grain are to be kept in the loft area only – not in the tack rooms or aisle ways. Grain must be kept in a storage container with a lid to reduce pests. Grain and/or hay may not be left in the aisles over 24 hours. If you need assistance in getting your supplies into the loft, please make arrangements prior to the feed’s arrival. Keep loft feed doors shut when not in use. For safety, the lofts and stairways need to be swept regularly. When emptying water buckets, please dump the water on the grass or in the manure pile or down the gutter. Do not throw water out in the gravel.


Any request for maintenance must be submitted to the Board of Directors in writing. Put request in the drop box on the office door or hand deliver.


Stalls are to be cleaned AT LEAST every other day. If your horse is messy, it may be necessary for you to not skip a day. Stalls are matted for shavings conservation and horse comfort. Shavings are for stall use only. Members must provide their own shavings for horse trailers. The high cost of shavings directly influences the cost of stall rent. Use reasonable judgment when using shavings. If your horse is messy, use less shavings which will save time and shavings. The club provides wheelbarrows for the boarders’ use and the boarder must provide all cleaning implements for their own use – manure forks, shovels, and brooms. Do not use metal pitch forks in the stalls. Wheelbarrows are to be returned to behind Barn #1 near the manure pile. Wheelbarrows should not be kept in aisle ways for safety reasons. If you are taking your horse off of the property for more than an hour or two, your stall must be cleaned BEFORE you leave.


Place emergency contact information on your stall door and make sure the information is kept up to date. No additions or modifications are to be made to the stalls or tack rooms – no painting, installation of cabinets or electrical additions. Stalls are to remain in their original condition with the exception of normal wear and tear. Approved wrought iron hay racks may be installed at boarder’s expense. Properly determine the correct height to insure the safety of your horse. Install corner feeders only and use the regular flat-backed water buckets of any color. No five gallon food buckets, etc. You may not have more than one horse per stall at one time. No stallion may be boarded at the Salem Saddle Club. Colts up to one year old must be gelded and must have board approval to lease a stall. Do not throw twine, paper, or garbage into the manure pile. Loose hay is fine, but be sure to remove the twine first.


The tack rooms are for boarder use only. Please keep your area neat and clean. No horse feed, treats, or people food should be kept in the tack rooms. Refrigerators, microwaves, etc. are not allowed in tack rooms. No permanent cabinets, saddle racks or shelving may be put up. Tack rooms cannot be painted.


Owner or responsible party MUST be on the premises to turnout their horse. If you have one horse, you are allowed one turnout. If you have two horses, you are allowed two turnouts. No more than two horses can be in one paddock at a time. Horses must be under control at all times and must not pose a threat to others. Horses must be in hand at all times unless in designated areas – pastures, round pens, or the arena. Be courteous to others when turning out – if there is someone who has been waiting for a turn, please bring your horse in after forty-five minutes. Do not go through another boarder’s aisle way to reach the turnouts. Paddocks that are unavailable are kept locked. This allows them to be watered or to rest so the grass can grow. During the winter time, there are usually only a few “sacrifice paddocks” available for short periods of time.


Tie horses to designated tie rings by your stall. Tie rings are allowed inside the stalls, installed at boarder’s expense. No stall guards or cross ties are allowed. DO NOT tie to stall bars, barn doors or blanket racks.


The Salem Saddle Club Board of Directors reserves the right to terminate the boarding agreement and/or membership of any owner who is considered to be abusive to his/her horse(s) or otherwise not providing adequate care as described in the lease agreement.