"The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man." 

~  Winston Churchill

General Rules


The Salem Saddle Club facility is open from 5 am to 12 midnight daily. The speed limit on the facility’s grounds is 10 mph as you enter the property and then 5 mph after reaching the trailer sign. Traffic patterns are to be followed. Trailers with haul-ins should travel around the outside of the arena building and then park on a diagonal towards the exit. Cars should be parked in between barns and not in the trailer parking area except on the Membership Meeting nights which are the second Monday of each month. Hay bags may be used on trailers, but clean the hay up before your departure. Horses may not be tethered to gates, fences, or trailers to graze. A twenty foot fire lane is required by the Marion County Fire Marshal around all buildings. Since the club is subject to a fine for a violation of this requirement, the violator will be responsible for paying said fine.


The gate will remain closed all of the time except during the monthly membership meeting and during times that the arena is open for special events. The gate’s closure will prevent loose horses from getting to the road, to prevent theft of horses, trailers, or tack, and to prevent mischief since the facility does not have supervision. Always carry your gate card with you. Do not allow a non-member to use your gate card. If someone is outside the gate, you must ask if they are current members of the club before allowing them access. Each gate card is numbered, so once a membership lapses, the card can be cancelled. If you have a family membership and need additional cards, the cost is $5. Please see a board member for an additional card.


Each Salem Saddle Club member understands that the entire property is at all times to remain suitable for the entire family of other Club members. No belligerent, malicious, vulgar, profane, loud, or otherwise objectionable conduct or language will be tolerated. Violations in conduct may result in a $25 fine or termination of membership.


All complaints or grievances regarding barn rules, safety situations, other members, etc. must be made in writing to the Board of Directors, and must be signed by the person submitting the complaint. Expect a 30 day period of time for review and response as the Board only meets once a month. If there is an emergency or unsafe situation or something that needs immediate attention, see a Board Member for further direction.


Dogs are to be on a leash AT ALL TIMES when on the property unless they are in your vehicle. Please do not tie your dog to your trailer or inside the arena for safety reasons. Please clean up after your dog. Dogs who bark (even inside cars) should be left at home.


A calendar is posted near the arena entrance and also near the office for each month. This calendar is also available on the Salem Saddle Club website. All events and clinics must be requested in writing at a Board Meeting or at a Membership Meeting. 


Members in good standing may invite guests to ride at the club. Each guest is allowed to ride with any member ONLY three times and is then asked to join the Club. Members are responsible for their guests and must accompany them at all times. Guest MUST NOT arrive on the grounds before the member inviting them. The guest fee of $5.00 must be submitted in the Guest Envelope prior to them riding. The envelope has a Liability Waiver that MUST be signed by the adult guest or the parent of a youth guest. The envelopes should be dropped into the payment box on the office door. Guests must abide by all Salem Saddle Club rules and remain with their host at all times.


If you have accidentally left an item in the arena or elsewhere, please see a board member. The Lost and Found is located in the office. The Salem Saddle Club is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lost and Found items will only be kept for 30 days and then will be discarded.


Boots with a 5/8” heal and a smooth sole must be worn when riding under saddle. Shirts and long pants must be worn at all times. Approved and properly fitted helmets MUST be worn when jumping on the property.


There is a seasonal trail that circles the edge of the property. There is NO TROTTING in the parking lot for safety reasons and to help maintain the gravel. Riding on country roads is at your own risk and riding on private property requires permission from the property owner.


No smoking will be allowed within twenty feet of any building. Alcohol is not permitted except at special club parties in the club room if permitted by the Board of Directors.


May be hauled in but must be handled by an adult at all times. Standing a stallion on club property is strictly forbidden.


The wash rack is provided for all members to use – and offers both hot and cold water. When using the wash rack, please clean up manure immediately using the pitchfork and wheelbarrow provided. When done using wash rack, please be sure to clean up the dirt on the mats using the hose and implements provided. Then turn off both the hose and the water spout. Store the hose neatly.


Salem Saddle Club members are expected to participate in Work Parties or other areas of service at least once a year. Members must volunteer ten hours per year either at a Salem Saddle club Work Party or by doing some other approved area of service. See a board member for further details. Your participation helps keep the Club’s operating expenses at a minimum. A list of those who participate in work parties and other service areas is kept as part of the club’s minutes.


Violation of any of the club’s rules are subject to Board review and may result in a $25.00 fine or termination of membership.