Membership is Easy!

Membership Includes...…..

  • Use of the 90' x 150' indoor arena
  • Use of the all weather 60' round pen
  • Seasonal use of the 100' x 250' outdoor arena
  • Use of the heated wash rack
  • Use of the seasonal paddocks
  • Savings of non-member fees for many events
  • LOTS of fun opportunities -- see calendar for events

  • After the first month of membership, new members have the opportunity to board at the club if there are stalls available.  Boarding is $80 a month self care which includes shavings.  To keep rates low, boarders must also perform a minimum of 10 membership hours.

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Step 1 : Learn About Us!

Because the club has over 200 members, it is important for everyone to know the rules thoroughly and then diligently follow them. Simply click on the “General Rules” and the “Arena Rules” icons above.

Step 2: Fill Out a Membership Application

Come to the Salem Saddle Club on the second Monday of the month for an application.  6:30 Membership Social followed by the Membership Meeting at 7 pm.

Step 3: Choose Membership Type

Choose between an Individual Membership  or a Family Membership. Children in a Family Membership must be 18 years or younger.

Step 4: Pay One Time Initiation Fee

The ONE TIME Initiation Fee is $50 for an Individual Membership or $100 for a Family Membership. You will pay this fee only one time as long as you don’t let your membership lapse longer than three years. Bring a check with the Initiation Fee plus the Annual Membership Dues (see below) to the Monthly Membership meeting.

Step 5: Pay Annual Membership Dues

Annual Membership Dues are $100 for individuals and $200 for families. The membership year begins August 1st and ends on July 31st annually. If you are joining in the middle of the year, the membership dues are pro-rated. The pro-rated amount is only used when you initially join. After that you will always be paying for a full year membership regardless of when you pay. See below for pro-rated amounts.

Step 6: Come to TWO Monthly Membership Meetings

To become a member, you must attend TWO Monthly Membership Meetings. (Since the Saddle Club was established in 1937, this has been a requirement for membership.) Monthly Membership Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 7 pm. The meetings last about 30-45 minutes. At the first meeting you will be introduced as a potential member of the club. You will receive a gate card to the security gate and a parking tag. At the second meeting, your membership will be finalized and you will become an official member. It is mandatory for you to come to the second meeting or your gate card will be blocked until you come to the next month’s meeting. (Please note: if you are unable to come to a Membership Meeting because of work, you have the option of coming to the monthly Board Meeting which is held on the Thursday preceding the 2nd Monday of the month. Please call Membership Coordinator Debby Theis 503-932-3021 with questions.)

Step 7: Come Ride With US!

Come ride with us! Take the time to talk with others in the arena – with over 200 members, it is fun to get to know others that have similar interests. Look at the club’s calendar on this website to find out about all of the opportunities and to know what is going on in the Indoor Arena.